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Creating a Customized Wordbank with SEN Teacher
  1. SEN Teacher -  a super website that allows teachers to customise work for any particular pupil.
    Step by step instructions on creating:

    1. a literacy worksheet for ss words only
    2. a numeracy worksheet for teaching quarter to the hour. 


STEP 1 - Open SEN Teacher website by clicking here

STEP 2 - What you should be looking at is show in Fig. 1

STEP 3 - Click on Printables (as shown) and select Literacy. Note that you may have to scroll well down the page to see Fig. 2 

STEP 4 - Click on "Word and Picture Cards" as highlighted.

STEP 5 - This will open as shown in second diagram in Fig. 2. Note the toolbar on top which allows the customization. 

STEP 6 - Click on Load Cards to view all the card sets available - in Phonics (Change Category with blue button on left) alone has 295 card sets currently (not 312 as on slide). 

STEP 7 - Select 'ss and zz' words from this page list and prepare to customize the resultant page (Fig. 4) by deleting all the zz words and adding "Mass" and "bless"

STEP 8 - To delete a word from this set - click on the word and it will open with a red delete button at the bottom (as in Fig. 5). Delete all zz words in this way. 

STEP 9 - To add a new word - click the blue "Add Card" button (as highlighted in Fig. 5) on the top left - this will allow you to decide on a label for the word "Mass" or "Aifreann" (if in a Gaelscoil) and search for a symbol at the bottom - search for Mass - select the first pic shown. The final image should look like Fig. 6  and for Mass and Aifreann - Fig. 7. 

Fig. 7
Fig. 6
a_sen 3.jpg
Fig. 1
a_sen 4.jpg
Fig. 2 - to get a closer look click on image above.
a_sen 5.jpg
Fig. 3 - to get a closer look click on image above.
a_sen 6.jpg
Fig. 4 - to get a closer look click on image above.
a_sen 7.jpg
Fig. 5 - to get a closer look click on image above.
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