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Marine Life Workshop in Sligo

On Wednesday 13th November we went to Sligo to represent the Green School's committee of St Patrick's BNS. Mrs McTighe and Mrs Geraghty brought us to Sligo. We parked, and walked in. We got a snack and then it was time to go into the room where we would learn about marine life. We sat down and Rob told us about pollution and the danger to animals in the oceans. Some people do beach clean ups from 5am to 9pm. They would find thousands of bottles and cigarette buts. After a while we had a snack break. After our break, there was a science show on so we got a chair and sat down and watched. After the science show, it was time to go back into the room.Then Rob told us that oil spills in the ocean are very dangerous for animals. He gave us a two jars with feathers in them. One jar was full of oil and the other was full of water. He told us to pull the feathers out. The feather in the oil jar was much heavier than the one in the water.

Later on we did some art. Rob told us that monks made art called mandalas. They would have a tube that would drop ONE grain of sand at a time. They would spend months on it and then when they finished it they DESTROYED it! Then we made mandalas using rubbish they found on the beach. We finished and it was lunch. We sat at a table and we ate. We waited a while to go back into the room. When we got back into the room we watched a video about people flushing rubbish down the toilet and into the ocean. A puffin would drag a bin to peoples' doors and he would knock,then people would look at the bin and on the bin it said ‘’think before you flush’’. After that Rob put loads of rubbish from the beach on the ground and gave us sheets so that we could name the rubbish and where it came from. Then it was time to go home. We had a quick game of table tennis and then we walked out of the building and back into the car and back home to Castlebar. We had a great day. We all hope to get our eighth green flag for MARINE LIFE.

By Jack and Szymon

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