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Useful Websites - suitable for SEN pupils - updated May 2020 -
Download the short version of SEN and ICTs course note - in pdf format



Assessment Tests - Literacy and Numeracy - Updated May 2020

  • Lucid Cops - A child friendly assessment kit to identify learning strengths and weaknesses, assist with early detection of dyslexia and provides cognitive profiling for ages 4-8. It is available from Edtech but is expensive and has a recurring fee.

  • Lucid Lass - Similar program with age appropriate assessment tests for ages 8-11. Also available from Edtech.

  • Schonell Reading Test - simple but effective standardised reading test that can be administered and scored in 15 minutes. Wordlist available for free download (Word format) from Seomra Ranga - here  and instructions and scoring sheet and reading ages - here.

  • Schonell Spelling Test - Download - Free Spelling Test - not diagnostic but quick to administer and provides a spelling age for pupil. Can also be administered to a group at the same time. Download has test, instructions, scoring and resultant spelling ages. It also has pupil sheet for test completion. 

  • Vocabulary Spelling City - some free games, most require payment. Ideal to encourage learning of Dolch words etc.

  • PhAB Test - test for phonological awareness. This leaflet gives details of cost and aims of test. 

  • Lexia Learning - graded reading scheme for children having difficulties with reading - expensive but effective.

  • Dynamo Maths - Download on Edtech Resources page - designed to assist with detection of dyscalculia, delivers individual support plan.

  • Free Graded Maths Assessment Tests - from English system, great guide for teachers new to Learning Support and provides accurate data ideal for planning individualised learning targets based on solid evidence.

  • Khan Academy - Free graded Maths program for all pupils, individual targets, comprehensive reports, ideal for revision in school for all learners to progress at their own pace. Also ideal for home.

...more always being check again.


Full list of websites and resources for primary schools - from Mary Immaculate College of Education (SEN)


Google Chrome Extensions and Apps - Google App Store (all SEN)

  • Read and Write for Google Chrome - sign up for free is available for teachers - here

  • Google Dictionary - Brilliant (and free) add on that works with any website - making it easier for pupils to work independently

  • Voice Recognition - great app and extension that allows pupils to speak to laptop or ipad and have their words magically appear in Google Docs - quite accurate.

  • Open Dyslexic - great extension which allows all websites to be viewed with Open Dyslexic font - ideal for all dyslexics.

  • Select and Speak - Takes the place of Chrome Speak - reads any text on any website. 

Extensions for Microsoft Edge

  • Select and Speak - as above

100 Word Challenge website 

Samples of 100 Word Challenge - Ireland

4th Class blog - St Pats BNS


Paint Shop Pro 5 - challenges

Challenge 1 to Challenge 6

Microsoft Word - Awards


Caroline Wilkie's Notes from ICT Session 2 in SEC  download in pdf format - here

Many thanks Caroline for amazing notes - I don't know how you -managed so many screen-grabs and notes in such a short time!


Full pdf of Resource Course for SEN 

ISA Course - Day 6 Resources

INTO Intouch Mag - Co-operative Games

Download ideas sheet for use with parachute

PDST Links to Cooperative Games

Videos of Co-operative Games for Kids on YouTube and also here

Download super pdf (27 pages) explaining how Parachute Games are excellent in so many situations. 

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