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SNA Support Page

  • - this must be the go-to website for preparation of activities to be completed as part of any home=learning plan, literacy and numeracy - create pdfs and assign. 

  • Kleki -  a super introduction to paint tools - suitable for all ages but especially younger pupils.

  • Oxford Owl - Updated for home learning. Can access from home. OWT books and much more...

  • Toy Theater - amazing website with loads of fun games to reinforce every aspect of literacy and numeracy, teacher tools and much more.  Simple PowerPoint here to show some of the useful SEN games - 

  • Epic! - Super website and app with tons of colourful books available free for schools (individuals must pay). At the moment, until end of June 2020 teachers can invite their pupils to participate, so free until then for all home learning. Recommended by many teachers. Details of this offer available here pointing out how easy it is for teachers to invite their pupils to avail of site free.

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