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Chess can be seen as a mental sport or an exercise in critical thinking, a science but it can also be regarded as an artform, with every game being a unique creation where the players create something that is distinctive and often elegant and sublime. 

The board is the chessplayer's loom on which they weave their creativity and express their personality and emotions. Great chess games are breathtaking works of art where beauty is found in the elegance of a perfect and inescapable solution to a complex problem.

St Patrick's have had a long tradition of promoting chess in the school starting back in the 1970's and continuing on to the present day. Our boys are introduced to chess in junior and senior infants through our peer tutoring program which sees boys from the older classes teaching the fundamentals to their younger schoolmates. Over their years in St Patrick's pupils will have access to chess activities both in their classroom and after school at the school chess club.

Online Chess Tournament

This year, due to Covid restrictions, we are running an online chess club. Any pupil who wants to take part in school online chess tournament’s needs to create an account at The results of these tournaments will decide who will represent our school at upcoming inter school chess competitions.  

  1. Simply register a new account at Lichess. 

  2. Create a username.

  3. Login to

  4. Go to “Community” then “Teams”

  5. Search”Stpatschess@castlebar”

  6. Then click “Join Team”.

  7. Make sure Kidmode is enabled. Click HERE

Chess Tournament 4

Friday 5th February at 12pm.

  • Please allow 24hrs to be accepted into the club.

  • Inappropriate usernames will not be accepted.

  • Make sure you have parental permission to enter.

Chess Standings 2 (2).png
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