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From time to time we will scan in some photos from times past into this section. Hopefully they will bring back some memories for our former pupils. 



Here are some photos from the recent past - Schools Integration Project 1999-2000. This was the era of integration of ICT into primary schools. Phase 1 was completed in 1998 ish - provide one Gateway computer to each school. Phase 2 - train teachers, huge number of courses held 1998-2000 mostly during summer holidays. Phase 3 - the final phase - fund projects to encourage the use of computers in primary schools. Our project was on Local History of Castlebar and was co-funded by Castlebar Information Age Town. Here are some pictures from the re-enactment of 1798 - Races of Castlebar and launch of our CD at the end of the project.​



SIP Project 1999-2000 Remembered

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