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Information for Parents - Standardised Testing.

To download the pdf files from NCCA website  - click here

Context for Developing Information Sheets on Standardised Testing (from NCCA website)

In July 2004, the NCCA was requested by the then Minister for Education and Science to provide advice on standardised testing in compulsory education. The NCCA ’s advice presented in Advice on Standardised Testing in Compulsory Schooling (2005, PDF, 225 KB), examined different purposes for standardised testing and outlined particular issues associated with this method of assessment.

The document made recommendations for supporting and promoting good practice in assessment, and for reporting including the development of Report Card Templates for reporting children’s progress to parents.

Building on the advice to the Minister, the NCCA included standardised testing as one of a continuum of assessment methods in Assessment in thePrimary School Curriculum: Guidelines for Schools (2007). The purpose of the guidelines is to support teacher’s knowledge and understanding of assessment, and they show how a variety of assessment methods including standardised testing can be used to support assessment of children’s progress and achievement, and to extend and enrich their learning. The guidelines present examples of how standardised testing can be used for these purposes using sample activities from classrooms.

School Policies

In this section are included many of the policies of our school that parents may wish to have access to. Others to follow. All policies are in pdf format and as such a pdf reader will be required. 

If you cannot open the document a pdf reader is available at:


Letter to Parents' Association confirming Child Protection Review 2020

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