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Video Tutorials for Google Classroom


Using Extensions with G Suite

  • Our first video for G Suite is showing how it can be linked to the Google Extensions - Talkie and Google Dictionary to allow a pupil with SEN in a secondary school to gain a level of independence  when using Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Classroom and Google Forms.


Creating New Accounts and Group

  • Our second video shows how to add accounts to  G Suite when logged in as Administrator. Only the SuperAdmin can add new email accounts but the Super Admin can decide to have several other Super Admins - this can be done in the Admin Roles section. Also on this video is creating a class GROUP using some of these email accounts.


Adding Pupils to Google Classroom

  • When adding pupils to Google Classroom you first open your Classroom Teacher account (must be logged in as a teacher), then you will see the classes, if any, already set up. On the top right corner, you click on the + button and opt to create a new class. When this is done - open the account, click on the People tab at the top and Invite students to join as is shown on the video.


Creating Resources from a Worksheet

  • This video was created by an American teacher, named Amy, and shows very clearly how you can use a worksheet that you already have to act as a template for pupils to fill in the boxes but does not allow them to alter the template itself. 


Logging in for the First Time to G Suite

  • Logging on to a G Suite account for the first time can be tricky. The easiest way is to log out of any other account and start from scratch as shown here. If you have a log in blue button on the top right of Google search window then you are halfway there!

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