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Numeracy Websites suitable for SEN pupils - updated June 2019

  • Teaching Fractions - a huge resource with numerous games to help with teaching of fractions 

  • Teaching Time - there is payment involved but site work fine in the meantime. 

  • Teaching Money - great games to help with practice of using money, available in euro also. 

  • Seomra Ranga - as you would imagine, directly relates to Irish curriculum - very useful.

  • Sheppard Software - simple Maths games for all pupils. 

  • Weebly - full list of interactive Maths resources and websites to support SEN (and mainstream) 

  • SEN Teacher - a super website for creating resources for SEN pupils on time and money in particular. 

  • The Teacher's Corner - a super website for creating resources, word-puzzles, scrambled words and much more. (SEN)

  • Glencoe Manipulatives - problem the best customisable Maths website there is. Must allow Flash.

  • Worksheet Factory - a great resource for creating worksheets - full functioning trial version available for 30 days - basic licence is $29, site licence for WF is $165

  • - a brilliant free website for early coding. With pupils with SEN, we need to think outside the box.

  • Blockly - a brilliant website to introduce Scratch in 10 super puzzles.

  • Scratch - Super programming website - used by everyone as program writer for children

  • Kleki -  a super introduction to paint tools - suitable for all ages but especially younger pupils

  • SESS - Assistive Technology Tips on SESS website

  • SESS - software suppliers around the country - full contact details.

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